For Your Consideration

GRAMMY® Award Nominee

Best New Age Album

Will Ackerman

Jeff Oster

Tom Eaton


Words of Gratitude

…an eight song extravaganza of the most amazing acoustic chill you will ever listen to…

Dick Metcalf (Contemporary Fusion Reviews)

“Brothers” is the critically acclaimed new release from GRAMMY® Award winning guitarist Will Ackerman, chilled jazz flugelhorn/trumpet artist Jeff Oster, and ambient composer and multi-instrumentalist Tom Eaton.

A peaceful respite for a world that sorely needs it, “Brothers” brings the legacy of Windham Hill records into the current day. Spacious and deeply emotional, the music captures the effortless chemistry between three of the genre’s most identifiable voices.


  1. Wild Bird Will Ackerman, Jeff Oster, Tom Eaton 4:10
  2. The Golden Hour Will Ackerman, Jeff Oster, Tom Eaton 4:59
  3. While There's Time Will Ackerman, Jeff Oster, Tom Eaton 4:09
  4. Head For The Sky Will Ackerman, Jeff Oster, Tom Eaton 5:06
  5. Three Trees Will Ackerman, Jeff Oster, Tom Eaton 5:17
  6. The Confleuence Will Ackerman, Jeff Oster, Tom Eaton 5:18
  7. It Had To Be Like That Will Ackerman, Jeff Oster, Tom Eaton 4:49
  8. You Make My Heart Will Ackerman, Jeff Oster, Tom Eaton 4:12


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Will Ackerman – Acoustic Guitars

Jeff Oster – Trumpet and Flugelhorn

Tom Eaton – Piano, Keyboards, Bass, Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Percussion

All songs written by Will Ackerman, Jeff Oster and Tom Eaton

Recorded, arranged, mixed and mastered by Tom Eaton.

Produced by Will Ackerman, Tom Eaton and Jeff Oster


“Each and every track will remain etched in your soul long after the music stops.”

Dyan Garris (New Age Notes)

There is a dreamlike quality to the album that seems to open a dimensional door after the first listen. You will like being in there.

Even with the stratospheric pedigree of these three musicians – Will Ackerman, Jeff Oster, and Tom Eaton – and the expectations I held as a result, Brothers still stopped me in my proverbial tracks during my first playing…The level of seamless simpatico between Ackerman, Oster, and Eaton on display here is just one of this album’s triumphs. When I’ve reviewed albums from these three artists, either as collaborators or solo artists, I often feared being accused of hyperbole, but trust me, you will not hear more sincere and ear-pleasing instrumental music any time soon.


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